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Flower romper

Hello! Summer is officially here and I'm not going to complain about it! The sad thing is that I'm going to leave this sunny place in 15 days... Well, enough talked about me, let's get into the outfit! This romper looks very "summer time" with its cleavage and its material. It's short and very pleasant to wear. I wore it with my sandals bought plural years ago and my new bag. I also wore my sunglasses from Asos. They are inspired from the Dior So Real with the mirror effects in pink. I think they are too big for my face but, still, I love them. Hope you'll enjoy and have a good day!
Hello! L'été est officiellement là et je ne vais pas m'en plaindre! La seule ombre au tableau est que je vais quitter cet endroit dans 15 jours... Bon, assez parlé de moi, parlons de la tenue! Cette combinaison short fait vraiment été, que ce soit tant au niveau du décolleté (parfait pour montrer mon bronzage) et sa matière qui la rend légère et agréable à porter. Je l…