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Feminism & fashion

It's been a few seasons since "engaged" T shirts are trendy. You know, t-shirts with feminist messages written on them, like the now famous, Dior: "We should all be feminists" (by the way, I wanted to buy it but it's like 500€ so... way too much for me). Since its launch, we saw a lot of other t-shirts in shops like Stradivarius, Pimkie, Female Collective or Etsy. I feel like this trend is a reaction to Trump's election and other movements against women's rights. It turned fashion into a tool to "express yourself" without having to demonstrate or being really involved. You can wear these t-shirts with mom jeans or a denim jacket. In fact, I think it looks beautiful with any denim items.
But today's post is not about accessorizing your "feminist" t-shirt; it's about the relationship between fashion and society.
I've always been very interested in history of fashion and I noticed that fashion is the mirror of the society and of the times. As an example, the XVIIe century (at least in France with Louis XIV) was all about luxury, extravaganza and showing off, because Louis XIV was extravagant, but I also feel like it was in reaction to the strong religious atmosphere of the time. Another example can be the 60's. The period is known for the "peace & love" motto. In fashion, you can find this: everything was cooler: makeup, clothes, shoes... For example, jeans were larger to feel cool, makeup was light because "less is more". On the contrary, the 80's, were too much. Makeup, shoes, clothes... everything was too much. Even if you were not born, you know that the 80's looked like a funny time and, once again, always exagerating. As an example, the 80's music is still very popular nowadays because it makes you feel dancing: that's the 80's. Being happy and dancing. In fashion, you can find that: clothes were bright (because it's like a party), makeup was too much (because it's fun).
With Trump's election, fashion did what it was made for: expressing ourselves, showing to the world, what you think and who you are. When our grand children will see what was trendy at our time, they will understand that we were in trouble because every today's trend is inspired from a past time: fishnets (90's), large pants (80's), platform shoes (70's), metallic items (70's)... For the moment, we can't really launch new trends because we need to feel reassure by the past, by what we know.
The feminist t-shirt is a new trend, a trend that the 21st century created. But, to me, this trend is complex: it reveals that our time is strange: we still have to fight for what you gained years ago: women's freedom.
To be clear, and to close this article, fashion is a very important tool to express yourself, without having to talk. What you wear is the reflection of your personality and of our time.

Women's march in the US after Trump's election in 2016


Trend under Louis XIV

60's trend

80's trend


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