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Express yourself! (English)

Feminism & fashion
It's been a few seasons since "engaged" T shirts are trendy. You know, t-shirts with feminist messages written on them, like the now famous, Dior: "We should all be feminists" (by the way, I wanted to buy it but it's like 500€ so... way too much for me). Since its launch, we saw a lot of other t-shirts in shops like Stradivarius, Pimkie, Female Collective or Etsy. I feel like this trend is a reaction to Trump's election and other movements against women's rights. It turned fashion into a tool to "express yourself" without having to demonstrate or being really involved. You can wear these t-shirts with mom jeans or a denim jacket. In fact, I think it looks beautiful with any denim items.
But today's post is not about accessorizing your "feminist" t-shirt; it's about the relationship between fashion and society.
I've always been very interested in history of fashion and I noticed that fashion is …


Stripes on stripes As you know, I'm not at school anymore, I'm in Italy, working at a hotel. I'm wearing an uniform so my classical outfits are going to be very rare these times! I wore this outfit during my day off. The pants are from Zara. You can easily find them because they are from the new collection. They are fluid and perfect for summertime. I bought my sandals at Stradivarius. Sandals are very trendy this summer and I have to say that I wanted to buy some. When I first saw them at the shop, I felt in love and I immediately put them in my bucket. I really like this outfit: it's a very Instagram style and very trendy.
Comme vous le savez peut être, je ne suis plus à l'école, mais en Italie, où je travaille dans un hôtel. Je porte un uniforme tous les jours donc les tenues classiques, seront de plus en plus rares. J'ai porté cette tenue pendant mon jour de repos. Le pantalon vient de chez Zara. Je pense que vous pouvez facilement le retrouver car …

Get to know me! (English)

50 shades of me

Maybe you don't know it, but I'm a great fan of the « 73 Questions » from Vogue magazine. I got inspired and, today, I'm going to share with you 50 things about me, with questions inspired from the « 73 Questions ». I also picked up few questions from the « Just one » interview from Glamour France Magazine. Let's go !
1- Just one celebrity you would like to meet ? Blake Lively.
2- Just one beauty advice ? Remove your make up every evening, even if you're going to hang out later : it's good for your skin and you look fresher.
3- Just one thing without you can't get make up ? My eye lashes curler.
4- Just one clothes ? My navy blue blazer from Zara.
5- Just one book ? La Part de l'autre from Eric Emmanuel Shmitt. French book. In English, I read A Street Cat Named Bob from James Bowen.
6- Just one song ? This Girl from Kungs. It came out one year ago and I still love it.
7- Just one item ? My iPhone. I'm lost without it and my life is i…