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Off duty day Even though being at school (and so wearing classical outfits), is the main thing I do in my life, sometimes, I'm out and I can dress as I want. To be very honest I believe that I found my own style thanks to my school.
As you may know, I'm in a hotel management school so we have to wear classical outfits (this is why I found this blog) everyday. Before starting this school, I was "looking for my style": I didn't really know what to wear even though I was loving fashion. Today, I'm still in love with fashion, but I think I found my style and I understood how to bring catwalks in my daily life and without looking too overdressed (even if I feel like I'm always overdressed but I will write something about that).
Anyway. As last weekend was sunny, we decided (with a friend) to hang out and to enjoy the sun. I decided to go for pink trousers (by the way, pink is THE trendy color and I love this trend because I love pink) and a T-shirt. As you can…