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Test (French version)

Aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de lancer une nouvelle rubrique dans laquelle je partagerai mes "expériences" avec des sites, mes coups de cœur...
Pour lancer cette nouvelle rubrique, j'ai décidé de parler du site de vêtements RAD. J'ai découvert ce site grâce à Facebook. Ils proposent des habits plutôt simples (type sweatshirts, pantalons de jogging ou tee-shirt) mais aussi des accessoires comme des mugs, des tote-bags ou des bonnets, le tout à des prix "normaux". Ce qui m'a séduit le plus chez eux, ce sont les messages inscrits sur leurs produits. De plus (et là je m'adresse aux amateurs), le site avait fait une collaboration avec le rappeur Nekfeu et, en fan que je suis, j'ai immédiatement repéré quelques modèles, dont un t-shirt. Bon mais à 24,90€ le t-shirt, je me suis résigné. Alors quand j'ai vu qu'ils faisaient des promos jusqu'à -70% pour les soldes de février, je me suis saisie de ma carte bleue, et j'ai cra…

Wool jacket

Multicolor girl
Hello! It's Friday and Friday calls for ootd articles! Today I'm introducing you a wool jacket that is supposed to be paired with a skirt because it's a suit. Once again, it was my mother's and she gave it to me with the skirt (no worries, I'll show you the complete suit in an article soon). As the jacket is very colorful and extravagant, I choose to wear it with a black outfit: I put black trousers and a black sweat-shirt (which has a jewel collar so it's not that simple). For shoes, I wore my new Zara boots, which I bought during the sales. It looks quite 30's inspired because they are all black but have are white on the tip. Don't worry, I will post an article with closest pictures. Anyway, when I wore this outfit, I felt very feminine and I like the fact that just one cloth can bring some colour to an outfit. (Just like usual, scroll to the end to see the shopping list.) Xoxo
Hello! Aujourd'hui c'est vendredi et vendredi c&#…

Is that a dupe article?

It's all in the detailsHello!! Today I'm sharing an outfit which I loved wearing. I bought the two major clothes (the coat and the dress) during the French sales. When I saw the dress, I didn't think, I just bought it because it was (for real) love at first sight. I think I could add it in my dupes list (yes, I'm preparing a second article); the Gucci inspiration is obvious... And that's why I love it! It has a little detail: the back has a little lace part. It's very pretty, even though, here, it's not pretty at all because we can see my bra: I didn't care about my visible bra because I had my jacket over the dress so no-one saw it. I also really like the neck and the sleeves because it makes me think about the Renaissance. Another detail: the ruffles on the chest. This dress is SO feminine, I love it, I think you guessed it! I wore it with flat shoes because my feet sill hurt (I stayed stand for five days during seven hours non stop, everyday... can …