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Christmas look book 2016

Hello!!!  I think you can't even imagine how excited I am about this post!! The main reason is that I had a lot of fun during the photoshoot and also because I LOVE Christmas look books. This is my first look book so I hope you're going to like it. Of course, these are "off-duty" outfits. Some of them are more adapted to party than others but maybe you don't like to be too-overdressed so you can choose!  N.B : There won't be a post on Friday so consider that this article is the Friday's one.  Hope you'll like this post, merry Christmas & happy holidays!  Xoxo 

Hello!!  Vous ne pouvez pas imaginer comment je suis contente de faire cet article, d'abord parce que ça a été un plaisir de faire les photos mais aussi parce que, habituellement, j'adore regarder des lookbooks de Noël des blogueuses. C'est mon premier look book alors j'espère que vous allez aimer! Évidemment, ce sont des tenues "off-duty". Certaines sont plus habillées…

Majolica green

Hello!! Today I'm sharing a new outfit and it's probably the last one before the Christmas outfits. I'm wearing a blouse which looks like a Dolce Gabbana because of the pattern which are inspired from their Majolicablue. I love it so much and, now, I realise that I should have include it in my Christmas dupes article. So obviously I didn't buy it in Dolce Gabbana (unfortunately...) but in H&M. It wasn't very expensive and I really like it. Because of the patterns, you can't wear it with extravagant pants or shoes: I wore it with a simple black suit and (as always) my black Zara boots. I put a link if you want to buy it.  Hope you enjoy!  Xoxo
Hello!  Aujourd'hui je vous présente une nouvelle tenue et c'est peut-être la dernière avant les articles de tenues de Noël. Je porte une blouse qui ressemble à un top Dolce Gabbana avec les motifs, qui, je pense, sont directement inspirés de leurs motifs Majolica. J'adore cette blouse et je viens de réalis…

Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is only in 12 days and if you're like me, I hope this post will be helpful! Indeed, I'm just starting to think about my friends' Christmas presents and, until now, I had no ideas BUT, suddenly, I got inspired. Here's a list for you!    - A friends photo shoot: what's better than a photographer to immortalise your friendship?     - A candle: because everyone likes candles      - If your friends love shopping and one shop in particular, you can give her/him a gift card from the shop.      - Some make up if she loves it or some perfume!      - A trip which she/he dreams about and do it together!      - A concert ticket or a CD from her/his favourite singer.      - A phone case.  That's all for me! To be honest, I'm quite proud of myself because I never have ideas for gifts and, this year, I got quite inspired!  Hope you'll enjoy and I wish you to spend nice holidays! I'll find you later in a next Christmas post!  Xoxo


Polka dots

Hello!  Here's an ootd post! It's quite simple but still feminine. My dress is a new one. I bought it even if everyone was against it and I don't regret it at all! I paired it with my strapped shoes from Zara, which I stopped wearing since it's wintertime. I like my dress because I think that it fits me very well. To complete the outfit, I wore my black jacket.  (Sorry for the bad quality pics by the way.)
Salut!  Aujourd'hui c'est un article sur un ootd. Ma tenue était assez simple mais je l'adore parce que je trouves qu'elle est féminine. J'ai acheté ma robe il y a peu de temps, envers et contre tous mais je ne la regrette pas du tout et je l'adore même parce que je trouves qu'elle me met en valeur. J'ai aussi porté mes chaussures à brides noires de chez Zara, que j'ai arrêté de mettre depuis que c'est l'hiver et que j'ai tout le temps les pieds gelés. Pour finir, j'ai mis ma veste noire très classique que vous connai…

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016

Hello! As you may know (and I hope you do!) this last 30th November it was the Victoria's Secrets fashion show which took place, for the first time, in Paris at the Grand Palais aka my favorite Parisian building. I was over excited for it because both Bella and Gigi Hadid would be on the runway and I couldn't wait to see them! I just want to warn you, there is gonna be a lot of pictures so, I hope it won't be too long.  This year, Lady Gaga (I thought she was old-fashioned), The Weeknd and Bruno Mars were performing. And, as I said, Bella Hadid (The Weeknd's ex-girlfriend) was on the runway and... awkward moment? Absolutely not! Bella slayed and they gave us a cute moment. Are they still together?  Second surprise was Irina Shayk who revealed her pregnancy. How cute is that? I think that she's the sexiest pregnant woman ever!!  If you don't know it, my favorite angel is Taylor Hill and she was perfect! I admire her: she's only 20 and she's about to become o…

Christmas dupes

Soon it's Christmas!!! It's time to take out your blanket/scarf, your favorite mug to drink your hot chocolate and to decorate your room! I love this time of the year because I feel like I'm that 10 year-old girl again who is over excited just to see the snow. But today's article has nothing to do with Christmas. Well... It's not obvious! 
I don't know if it's the same for you but, for these last few weeks, I've been spending all my free-time on Asos, Zara, MissGuided... to find THE Christmas outfit. Moreover, last weekend was Black Friday so it was now or never!
As I spent a lot of time exploring the net, I noticed that websites were copying expensive brands and I selected quite a lot of different items to show you. 

C'est bientôt Noël!! Ça y est, il est temps de sortir vos écharpes/plaids, votre mur préféré pour boire un bon chocolat chaud et de décorer votre maison! J'adore cette période de l'année parce que j'ai l'impression d'…