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Vogue #5 (PFW SS17, Part 2)

I'm back to close my "fashion week series". Today, I'm going to talk about Elie Saab my favorite evening gowns designer), Chanel and Miu Miu.

1/10 : Elie Saab

I love Elie Saab because I think he does what I call "princess gowns". So yes I don't like what he does for ready to wear. For this last show, he created a comics atmosphere with big stars and pop colors. Unfortunately, I didn't see any princess gowns so I didn't like the show. BUT I saw that Gigi Hadid walked for him so let's say that she upgraded the show. Now, I prefer Zuhair Murad for princess gowns because I was too disappointed by Elie Saab. Sorry!
I would give this show two stars out of five just for Gigi!

4/10 : Chanel 

Every year, Chanel's show is very expected and, every year, it takes place at the Grand Palais (aka my favorite Parisian building). This year, the theme was "the future". Two robots opened the show and the setting was a data center. The …

A touch of fuchsia

Today I'm sharing an outfit that I loved shooting. I'm wearing a bright pink jacket with a floral blouse and a black skirt. The skirt is velvet and quite short so I'm not sure that I could wear it for school. Also, my blouse is very thin and not ideal for winter time so I was very cold! I wore my beautiful boots from Zara: I'm so proud to have them because I saw them on two other bloggers (you can go follow them: @rachelleyadegar & @ulap on Instagram). I'm trendy!
Hope you enjoy it!

Bonjour!  Aujourd'hui je vous présente une tenue que j'ai adoré shooté! Je porte une veste rose fuchsia avec une blouse à fleurs et une jupe noire. La jupe est en velours et plutôt courte donc je ne suis pas sûre que je puisses la porter pour l'école. De plus, ma blouse est assez fine donc pas idéale pour l'hiver. Autant vous dire que j'avais froid! J'ai aussi mis mes magnifiques bottines de chez Zara: je suis trop fière de les avoir acheter parce qu…

Christmas wishlist

Hello!  In one month it's Christmas and I'm over excited for this article!! I LOVE Christmas and the whole atmosphere of the end of the year. To be honest, this article is for you (of course), but also for my parents, who, I think, still don't know what to buy me. In the following list you will find expensive things which I would love to have but, before you think and say whatever, I know that I won't have them. Let's get into it and don't hesitate to share yours with me!  A fur jacket (faux-fur of course!)Over the knee boots Miu Miu inspired ballerinas (because around 500€ one pair...)Dolce Gabbana Sicily bag (when I told you that some items were just a dream!) Balmain blazer (I'll have it one day, I promise)A pink gold Macbook Air (to be able to post articles wherever I am)Another pair of boots (because I don't enough)A léopard coat (did you say "vulgar"?)A trip to Paris (with my friends, otherwise I don't want the trip)I think that's …

I'll be on my suit and tie

Hello!  Today I'm going to introduce you a new suit that I bought one week ago. It's grey and although it's not thick (so not very wearable during winter time) I love it. To go through the cold winter, I put some transparent tights under the trousers. I wore it with my black Richelieu to accentuate the "woman/man" look. To be honest, I don't really appreciate the kind of style but as this suit is gorgeous, I love this outfit. Xoxo
** Bonjour!  Aujourd'hui je vous partage une tenue avec un tailleur pantalon que j'ai récemment acheté. Ça faisait longtemps que je l'avais remarqué et j'hésitais à me l'acheter. Mais bon j'ai craqué! Il est gris et même s'il est fin (donc pour l'hiver ce n'est pas tres pratique) je l'ADORE. Pour pouvoir quand même le porter pendant l'hiver je mets des collants couleur chair (oui je sais c'est "mémérisant" mais ça tient chaud et ça ne se voit pas!). Je complètes ma tenue avec mes …

Vogue #4 (PFW SS17, Part 1)

Today we're heading to Paris for the last fashion week. I'm going to split this article into two different ones (just like for Milan). For this one, I'm going to talk about Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain and Dior.

27/09 : Yves Saint Laurent 

That was the first Saint Laurent show for Anthony Vaccarello (the designer) as Heidi Slimane left. I just like the bags (and especially the "Sac de Jour") but I don't really like the clothes because it's too "rock" for me. This year, I didn't like it (no surprise!) because all the clothes were black... I mean it's not very happy! Moreover, it's supposed to be a collection for spring and summer time and it's dark! To sum up, I would give one star out of five (is that harsh?)

29/09 : Balmain 

Gigi, Romee, Alessandra, Jourdan, Isabeli, Sara and Natasha... Olivier Rousteing used us to have famous models on the runway but... are the clothes nice? I've always liked Balmain since R…

Go Case

Ciao! Today I'm going to do a very different article from what I'm used to do. Lately, I bought two cases for my iPhone 6S Plus on a website called "GoCase". I discovered this website thanks to Instagram (because I'm a big fan of it) and, as I needed a case, I decided to test it. I ordered two cases: one transparent and one with some stripes (pictures will follow). I paid 44,82€, which is, approximately 48,76$ or £39,90 (transport free and I even had a discount because I bought two cases). You can have one case for 24,90€ (27$ or £22). I think it's pretty expensive but it's really good quality. I just had a little problem with the delivery.  I ordered them on the 15th of October and I received them on the 22nd. I waited one whole week!! When you order something, they warn you that you may wait between three and eight days so it's quite vague and I was on the limit! I was quite angry and worried for my phone because I had no case so I was always afraid f…

Grown woman

Today I'm back with an article presenting one of my outfits. I wore this one quite a long time ago (when you could still wear short sleeves) and I was in love with it. My skirt belonged to my mother. She gave it to me and, since that day, I'm in love with it. I wear it with tights (winter time) but also during summer time. Today I wore it with a pink pale sweatshirt, my navy blazer and my high heel boots. The skirt is in silk so it's very pretty but the problem is that it gets wrinkled very quickly. It is navy and has little petals/dots on it with different colors : light pink, light yellow and white. I hope you will like it as much as I do! 

Bonjour! Aujourd'hui je suis de retour (et pour la première fois en français!) avec une présentation de tenues. J'ai porté celle-ci il y a longtemps maintenant (quand on pouvait encore porter des manches courtes donc c'était il y a vraiment longtemps!) Ma jupe appartenait à ma mère et depuis qu'elle me l'…

Vogue #3 (MFW SS17, Part 2)

I'm going to go on with my fashion weeks sum up and, today, we're still in Milan with Prada, Moschino and Giamba so let's go!

22/09 : Prada

I'm going to be very honest with you: I didn't follow the show because I'm not a big fan of Prada. Sometimes I like their bags or their shoes but not really their shows. Sorry! I will put some pictures if you want, no worries!

22/09 : Moschino 

Jeremy!! Come on!! What have you done?? Usually I like the Moschino shows and clothes BUT not this year! The main thing that we could say about this year's show would be: "Barbie doll". The collection looked like paper-clothes and the models were like Barbie. To be honest, I hated everything. As I said, I used to love Moschino because it's eccentric but still chic and feminine. This year, maybe it was too eccentric, but I found it very very ugly. I think Jeremy Scott wasted everything: as an exemple, I noticed a beautiful evening dress but, as it's supposed t…