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Pretty in pink

Today I decided to do a "one skirt/three days" post. Today's star is my pink skirt from NafNaf. It's what I call "normal length" and has two zippers on the front, but these are fake pockets. 

Day 1
I paired this skirt with a pink sweatshirt which is the exact same pink as the skirt so I got asked plural times if it was a dress but in fact no! The sweatshirt has a decorated collar and short sleeves so not very good for winter time! (I've already introduced it to you in "I'm a Barbie girl"). Winter also calls for black tights. For shoes, I decided to wear my brand new shoes. I bought them about one month ago in Zara. They have two flanges and are high heeled (9cm). You may know that I love the flanged shoes trend because I have another pair like this (from Zara as well). I wore my navy blue blazer over the outfit and I was ready! Not to mention that I also wore my duffle coat but as it's cold now, I will always wear it over my outfit…

Vogue #2 (MFW SS17, Part 1)

Today I'm going on with my fashion week posts and we're heading to... ITALY!!! Italy is one of my favorite country on earth because, to me, it's THE country of fashion, with Milan as the capital.
Well, you've probably guessed it, I'm going to talk about Milan fashion week which was from the 21st of 26th of October. As I'm going to talk about a lot of shows, I decided to separate the article into 2 parts and you're reading the first one! I should also specify that I will post an entire article for Dolce & Gabbana, because, first of all, it's my all time favorite brand and because there are so many things to talk about! I don't really know if I will post it before or after the Paris fashion week post.
Anyway, today I'm going to talk about Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and Fendi so let's go!

21/09 : Gucci 

Since the genius aka Alessandro Michele, started designing for Gucci, I felt in love with this brand. So I think you can imagine how excit…

Vogue #1 (NYFW SS17)

Hello! Today I decided to go for a "fashion month sum up post". I hope you will like it because I hesitated a lot before doing it so be kind please! I separated this article into 6 articles (yes that's a lot sorry!) to avoid having one enormous post: I thought that would be boring. 
The fashion month finished on the 5th October in Paris with the Miu Miu show. I picked up few shows from New York City, Paris and Milan fashion week. I will not talk about the London one because I found nothing interested and, to be honest, I don't really like it: I think it's unuseful because, except Burberry, there are not any important Londoner couture house. New York fashion week is cool to discover new designers or for American designers such as Michael Kors (even if I'm not a big fan of what he does) and Tory Burch. Well enough talked, now let's get into the article! 
7/09 : Yeezy season 4 
How could I not talk about this show?? It was the most expected show of the NYFW! I&…

Total eclipse of the heart

Today I decided to share an outfit with a cute new skirt I got from NafNaf (yes again NafNaf). It has little hearts on it and is pretty fluffy. I paired it with a lovely black shirt with lace sleeves and a leather collar. I bought it few days ago and I really love it because it's feminine and classic at the same time so it's perfect for my blog! I wore my black high heels boots because, ok you want to look classic but not much! Just note that my feet don't hurt me anymore because of the heel (maybe too high). As I have to always wear a jacket, I decided to go for my red one. I think it matches pretty well with my skirt because of the red. As "winter is coming, I wore black tights and, again my duffle coat. I think that, for the moment, it's one of my favourite look! 
🛍 Shopping 
Skirt and shirt are from NafNaf  Duffle coat and boots are from Zara  Jacket is from H&M
Bag is from Furla

That brush

Today I'm posting my first "lifestyle" article! Few months ago, my mamma bought me a face brush from Philips. I have plural skin problems like strong acne for exemple. I have a special treatment (not dermatologic) and this brush is a part of this. Even though I still don't have the perfect skin (because cosmetics are not enough to reduce the skin problems), I can really feel, and see, that it's get better.  The brush has two speeds : a slow and a fast one. Personalty, I use the fastest one. The brush comes with the instructions for use and with a drawing to explain how to use correctly the brush. You have to stay 20" on the left side of your face, 20" on the right side and, finally 20" on your forehead.
It's like the famous Clairisonic one but cheaper! 
Tell me in comments if you would like the to do a special post on how to fight skin problems!