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Flower power

Try to bring some flower to your day! Most of the time, I wear black trousers so, if I don't want to look like a girl going to funerals, I have to wear colorful (or patterned) tops.
Today, I decided to go for a flowered shirt. I bought it several years ago so I think that it's not available anymore... As usual, the rest of my outfit is black. You know the pants but not the jacket. It's really simple and comfy. The only problem about it is that you can't close it so if it's cold outside, you have to wear a coat or something over it. Personalty, I decided to go for a duffle coat from Zara, bought last year. For shoes, I wore my beloved black boots, yes you know the feet-hurt ones! To avoid this, I took a pair of ballerinas with me and I went to school by car. To be honest, I wore them all day long and I was ok! 

Something different now. You've probably noticed that princess' faces were on my face. The reason for this is very simple: I just changed my mind…

I'm a Barbie girl

If you don't know it yet, I LOVE pink. Lately, as it was pretty cold (yes once again), I wore a pink pull over with a fantasy collar. I wore it with black trousers. 
I didn't wear this outfit for school but for a night out with my friends. You can totally wear this outfit with your school bag. As I knew I won't walk a lot, I wore black high heels boots (9cm high). I love them really much but it's true that they hurt my feet! But "no pain no game!". I wore a black bag, even though I think that black bags are unseful because a bag NEEDS to be seen but I have to admit that I felt in love with this one from the moment I saw it. This Zara bag looks like a Chanel one, that's for sure and I love it so so much.  About the pull over, I just love the details on the collar. Also, the cool thing is that you can take it off if if you're bored of it. To be honest, I didn't put it into the wash machine so I hope that it won't damage it. 
🛍 Shopping
Top & tr…


This post is my first one and is basically an introduction to what will be seen on my blog. 
First of all, let me introduce myself: I'm 18 and I live in Lyon. I'm a student in hotel business in a specialised school. I did this blog because in my school you have to wear classical outfits so I thought that perhaps some other girls might have the same problems and that this blog might be useful for them because I would like to have this kind of blog to help me on composing my outfit. Hope you will enjoy!  Xoxo