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Express yourself! (English)

Feminism & fashion
It's been a few seasons since "engaged" T shirts are trendy. You know, t-shirts with feminist messages written on them, like the now famous, Dior: "We should all be feminists" (by the way, I wanted to buy it but it's like 500€ so... way too much for me). Since its launch, we saw a lot of other t-shirts in shops like Stradivarius, Pimkie, Female Collective or Etsy. I feel like this trend is a reaction to Trump's election and other movements against women's rights. It turned fashion into a tool to "express yourself" without having to demonstrate or being really involved. You can wear these t-shirts with mom jeans or a denim jacket. In fact, I think it looks beautiful with any denim items.
But today's post is not about accessorizing your "feminist" t-shirt; it's about the relationship between fashion and society.
I've always been very interested in history of fashion and I noticed that fashion is …

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