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Test #2

Hello! Here's a new article about my tests and experiences! My first one was about the French website, Rad ( ordered a sweatshirt, a t-shirt and a beanie. As I wanted new jogging pants, I decided to try again on Rad because my first order convinced me that it's a good website. I bought a light pink jogger with written (on the left leg) : “Just do nothing”. It is SO comfortable. The inside of the pants is soft and tight. It's perfect to stay at home or even to travel. Moreover, my second order confirmed me that Rad knows how to make you happy when you receive your items: they spoil you with stickers and different papers to thank you. I also ordered sunglasses on Asos. Well everyone knows Asos... I bought a pair of mirror sunglasses (very trendy). They are pink and are cat-eyes. To be honest, I first wanted to buy some Dior ones but they were way too expensive so I wanted to find some dupes a…

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