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What's up? It's been a longtime since I didn't talk to you! I don't really have reasons to apologize and to explain my absence. If you follow me on Instagram (@ootsandlifestyle), you know that I'm currently in the South of Italy. I'm not on holidays, but for professional obligations, I'll have to stay four months there! As I don't have a lot of time, I decided to post, mainly, on my Instagram page and less on my blog. I'm preparing an article which will be on, as soon as possible. To be honest, this article is quite difficult to write because I don't want to offend someone but, at the same time, I want to "express myself". Outfits articles won't be on before a long time because I have to find pretty outfits, a cool place and someone who would agree to take pictures for me... Don't worry, I didn't let you down, I'll be back very soon! Love you
** Ca fait un petit moment maintenant que je ne vous ai pas parlé! Je n'ai p…

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